Lavoisier is a network of start-ups in medical technology and professionals with the complementary knowledge and experience to support entrepreneurs in developing their businesses and achieving successful market introductions.


The team is characterised by

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Integrity
  • Expertise
  • Result-driven
  • Sobriety
  • Passion


Peter van Paassen



In 2009, Johannes Wolters and I founded Lavoisier. We had already worked together at two med-tech start-up companies: SenzAir (breath analysis) and Vithèr (cancer therapy). This collaboration went so well that we decided to set up a holding company and to continue the existing companies and all new initiatives under the holding. The purpose is to create a strong network of new businesses in the field of medical technology. Lavoisier was born.


Since then, developments went quickly in our company. We formed a dedicated team of entrepreneurs and professionals who cooperate synergistically within Lavoisier. Mutual inspiration and sharing knowledge help in our mutual success. As a result, we currently support approximately ten promising med-tech start-ups.



Lavoisier has all of the knowledge and experience necessary for developing an innovative idea in the field of medical technology into a successful market introduction:


  • (International) entrepreneurship
  • Experience in attracting investors
  • Financial and legal knowledge
  • Knowledge in the field of intellectual property
  • Expertise in applications for grants and loans
  • A network of (International) market parties for cooperation or acquisition



The medical ventures are led by experienced entrepreneurs.

Within Lavoisier, the owner of a venture knows he is surrounded by an enthusiastic and experienced team.

You can find Lavoisier on different social media channels.



The Lavoisier ventures all include patented medical technologies and/or products. The ventures are at various stages of development. A few are in the stage of feasibility studies and others are in the phase of product development or are preparing for the process of marketing/sales. The ventures have developed close relationships with technical universities, teaching hospitals and specialised engineering companies.

Sensius is a contraction of the English word “sense” and the most commonly used unit for…

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SenzAir is dedicated to developing and validating analysers for the diagnosis of human breath…

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MedWear focuses on the COPD patient and develops the so-called Smart Care Shirt. The Smart Care Shirt is an…

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MonitAir Logo

e-Health self-management product for monitoring and predicting exacerbation for COPD patients at home…

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Lavoisier is constantly on the lookout for promising medical technologies and invites scientists, entrepreneurs and companies with a good med-tech idea to discuss the opportunities. Lavoisier combines innovative ideas and research results with market potential, submitted by scientists and companies, to ambitious entrepreneurs in the field of medical technology. As part of a team of entrepreneurs and with the support of professionals with complementary expertise, we develop innovative med-tech products and services.



Various partners work together synergistically at Lavoisier. Each partner has his own expertise and background. Together, these people make Lavoisier a unique and versatile partner.

Venture manager / owner
Paul van den Biggelaar

Paul van den Biggelaar is one of the entrepreneurs at Lavoisier. Paul studied electrical engineering at the Technical University Eindhoven. He started his professional career as a software architect at APT (later AT&T and Lucent Technologies). He fulfilled...

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Venture manager / owner
Johan E. Oosterheert

Johan studied economics in Rotterdam. He started his professional career in the United States as a consultant for The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in the USA, Inc. This was followed by a longer period at Philips Consumer ...

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Grant specialist
Coos van Laar

Coos van Laar is a PhD biochemist. Since 1995, she has supported companies, universities and research institutes at home and abroad in the acquisition of national and European grants and loans. The focus here is on R&D projects ...

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MT / owner
Peter A.M. van Paassen

Peter is a co-founder of Lavoisier. Peter studied industrial design at the Delft University of Technology. Among other things, he developed fully automatic packaging machines and mechanical systems for

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MT / owner
Onno Yntema

Onno is managing partner at Lavoisier, together with co-founder Peter van Paassen. He studied medical biology at the University of Groningen. Onno began his career with the vaccine division of Merck Sharp & Dohme...

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